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Ethan—a homeschooled teen—loves his skateboard. It’s the rest of his life he’s not so sure about. On his skateboard, he feels safe… and free. Until one day he ventures into the woods, and takes a nose dive right into the path of Jo—a homeless woman—who wants Ethan to get going, like immediately. Too bad for her, he’s got a dislocated shoulder and a broken skateboard, so he’s staying.  At first, the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. But as time passes, Ethan and Jo let their guards down and they share Ethan’s sandwich and so much more. They share themselves, finding camaraderie and common ground, as they explore the meaning of home and the importance of taking leaps of faith.


Some moments forever change your life. I remember so clearly when my coworker Nakita told me about how he skateboarded as a teenager in a parking lot next to a tent community. This was after the housing collapse of 2008, when tent communities were popping up all over the United States at alarming rates. Living in New York City, the reality of the homelessness crisis hit me on a daily basis. Nakita's stories deeply touched me, and I felt compelled to do something… to take his words and somehow bring them to life.

Thus began my journey with No Place Is Home. The film is currently being submitted for the 2023 film festival cycle. I hope my story helps people expand their vision in terms of what home means, and how that meaning can vary from person to person. The film aims to break down stereotypes and dispel stigmas surrounding the homeless population. I wanted to call attention to this community of people, whose voice is too often overlooked.

In the film, Jo and Ethan inspire one another, and find common ground despite their different backgrounds. When they part ways, their lives are enriched for having met one another. I've always believed that learning can come from the most unlikely of sources - including people you only meet for a brief moment in time. I would love audiences to come away knowing that EVERYONE has humanity and heart.


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